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Interview with Bruce

 1. Education/Certifications; Attended Auburn University at Montgomery, East Tennessee State University- Storytelling Workshop, National Association of Realtors, Instrument Rated Pilot  

2. Where are you from originally? Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, my mother was with my father who was preaching a church revival, brought home to Alabama and have lived in Huntsville, AL. since 1984.

3. What is your background before becoming a storyteller-humorist? Pastored a non-denominational church, business owner and trained volunteers for at risk youth. 

4. Why did you become a storyteller-humorist? Ok, I’m a big HAM!! I enjoy making people laugh and getting their minds off day to day stressors.

5. What sets you apart from other professional speakers?  Having delivered hundreds of professional performances and thousands of sermons- I prepare my material and presentation taking into account your audience demographics wants and needs. I am not a “prima donna”.  I want to see your event succeed. 

6. What needs to be provided for your appearance? 2 Bottles of water and a microphone (wireless preferred) that’s it!!! Oh-chartreuse colored-chocolate covered jumbo peanuts---just kidding!!

7. Other Stuff you might want to know about me: I adore my wife of 37 years, love my daughter because she gave me the three most perfect grandchildren you could imagine. I am an avid backwoods hiker, RV enthusiast, love tech gadgets (i-phone, i-pad, and R-26 digital recorder)

8. Guiding Truth: “I Can Do All Things Through Christ that Strengthens Me”-Phil 4:13

9. What I am Reading: "True North" By Bill George 

Bruce Walker Storyteller-Humorist...Funny with a Message 

Bruce Walker Storyteller Humorist Professional Speaker


A note from Bruce........

I am a husband, father, grandfather, minister, entrepreneur, teacher, performer and a pretty nice guy. My background as a pastor and business owner gives me a fresh perspective for helping your group get a fresh start and re-kindle the passion to succeed or just a light-hearted break from the day to day grind.   

  • Married 37 Years, Father, Grandfather
  • Business Owner
  • Pastored non-denominational church 
  • Instrument rated pilot
  • Attended Auburn University Montgomery
  • Avid Backpacker and RV Enthusiast
  • Volunteer for at Risk Youth
  • Love Fresh Ground Peanut Butter(thought I would just throw that in there)
  • East Tennessee State University Storytelling


  • Volunteer for at Risk Youth (NCAC)