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Enthusiasm,  Encouragement and Hope

 Bruce Walker is an in demand speaker that chooses to see the humor in life's experiences.  Funny,

  heart-felt stories will cause you to laugh, think and possibly moist an eye or two!  Bruce's CD, "Good for Your Soul"- won the National Parent Associations Honor Award for best storytelling CD for family and teens and was reviewed for a  Grammy  in the spoken word category. Bruce knows his job is more than entertaining:  He is a totally professional speaker;  focused on making your event a success. A storyteller that uses comedy to bring diverse audiences together. Bruce is based in Huntsville, Al. 

Fresh Perspectives

Bruce's life began with adversity. At 8 months of age,  he was pronounced dead by the family Doctor. His mother insistence that baby Bruce was not dead-spurred the Doctor to try one more time to revive him, even though he had been without a detectable pulse for over an hour, Bruce suddenly let out a yelp in response to a needle prick in his heel. His mother gave thanks to the Lord, but the Doctor told her it was to early to give any thanks- "If Bruce lives he will be brain damaged from oxygen deprivation".   Bruce says, "I'll let you be the judge of that". (his wife already has her opinion). This story told to him as a child has formed his optimistic and encouraging outlook on life. Having been a successful business owner and pastor of a non-denominational church, Bruce shares hope and encouragement using uplifting humor as a motivational speaker. 

Storyteller... Keynote Speaker....Humorist.....Workshops 

Besides being in demand as an entertainer, civic and church functions speaker, he teaches workshops on the strategy of storytelling as a powerful tool for nurturing relationships within and without your organization. He is the past president of the Alabama Storytelling Association.  Bruce has been featured on NPR, appeared at the University of Alabama and various church and civic groups.    

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P.O. Box 19062 Huntsville, Al. 35804

Bruce Walker Storyteller Humorist Professional Speaker

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