The Storyteller

                                                            By Bruce Walker @2016
                                                           Harry’s Triple Wide  

In my “other” life I am a real estate broker in North Alabama.  I consider it an honor that I am entrusted by others to help one of the most important personal and financial decisions in their lives. 
“Harry” had farmed for over 40 years and had been quite successful. He and his wife were now retiring in the face of very serious health issues.  I had known Harry for over 25 years and he was a practical, pragmatic type, his wife Evelyn was retiring from Alabama Power after being the first woman lineman in Alabama.  For years she scampered up and down power poles and tall electric towers proving that building and maintaining the electric grid was not just a man’s world.  As with all strenuous outdoor jobs, the work had taken a toll on her back and joints, just as the farm labor had done to Harry.  Talking with them, I asked, ���What are you going to do when your farm sells?”  “We are going to build our dream home and do a little traveling”.    A typical answer I had heard before from baby boomer retirees. I gave them the names of several home builders and expected to hear progress reports as their home was being built.  A few weeks later I checked in on their progress and Harry said, “We’ve already moved in our new home, come on by and see it”.  I was astonished, in just 4 weeks and they were living in to their dream home?  I drove out to the few acres they had kept of the old farm and pulling down a tree covered lane I saw a brand new, triple-wide house trailer.  I stepped up on the spacious front porch and rang the doorbell.  Evelyn, threw open the door and I followed her past the gourmet kitchen with granite counter tops, double dishwashers and a Sub-Zero@ refrigerator.   I joined   Harry   sitting in the sunroom that encompassed an indoor, full size, swimming pool.  They both could see the puzzlement and wonder on my face as I looked at the most luxurious “house trailer” I had ever seen or any other type home for that matter.  Harry said,   “Evelyn and I talked with several home builders and when we detailed what we wanted, we were told it would take at least a year to complete the project.     At our age, we don’t have that much time to wait, so we made a wish list of what we wanted,  and went  to the house trailer factory near here and they built this one of a kind home just for us!”  As I listened to Harry and Evelyn talk, their obvious happiness about their choice was contagious. Instead of lamenting they would never have their “dream home”, they found a solution.

 As I drove back to town I thought of the things I wanted to accomplish, but there seemed to always be an obstacle or reason why not.   Harry and Evelyn gave me hope, embodying the concept of “thinking outside the box”.  Sometimes the ruts we find ourselves in keep us from finding a way to achieve our dreams.  My pastor used to say, “Ruts aren’t nothing but a coffin with the ends knocked out”.  This is a good day to go rut less, get off the grid,  and out of the box.  See ya’ at the trailer factory!

 Bruce Walker chooses to see the humor in life’s events. In addition to writing a weekly column, He speaks regularly to a wide variety of groups.  You may contact Bruce at or visit his website

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